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Polarizer with Measuring Dial

Copper alloy disc mounted in rotating copper alloy frame. The disc is connected at the back to a copper alloy standing rod. There’s an iron alloy pointer attached at the centre of the disc, and centimetre gradations around the circumference. In the centre is a smaller disc, with transparent glass revealing a piece of glass or quartz inside, held in pace by cork. This extends backwards to what appears to be an eyepiece.

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Primary Materials: Copper alloy, iron alloy, glass, cork.


Centimetre gradations around the circumference of the dial.

Dimensions (cm):

Overall height: approx. 34 cm. Diameter of disc: approx. 16 cm. Height of standing rod (without disc): approx. 23 cm.


For determining the degree of polarization of a beam of light, which passes through the internal piece of glass.


The face of the dial and the copper alloy standing rod are heavily tarnished. There is minor fraying of the cork, resulting in a small piece of cork partly occluding the glass casing.

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Manufacturer: Unknown

Date of Manufacture: Unknown


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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