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This item is contained within a wooden box, stained brown, with brass screws and black metal latches. Inside, the instrument is supported in a purpose-built wooden frame with dark green felt rests. It consists of four brass jointed arms with brass screws at the joints in a parallelogram-shape.This shape is mounted on feet with small, white plastic wheels.

Also included is a brass pen that is adjustable in length through turning a ridged screw half way along its length; this pen narrows to a metal point. There is a similar pen which can be adjusted to hold a narrow lead. There is also a narrow metal rod with a round ball on the end. There is a black and apparently original package of pencils fitted into a purpose built slot near the pens, and a pair of brass cylindrical pieces with holes in the middle.

Stored underneath the instrument is a metal triangular weight with a screw hole at one apex, and a metal adjustable pen with a green thread attached.

On the interior lid of the box, a brass flap secures a number of clear plastic geometric shapes.

Accession Number: 2009.uc.41

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood; Copper Alloy; Steel; Felt


Inscription on inside of box: “W.F.Stanley & Co. Ltd/Holborn, London, England”. Instrument: inscription on instrument: “STANLEY, GREAT TURNSTILE, HOLBORN, LONDON”. Instrument is brass, with white plastic wheels and brass rivets/screws and knobs; white paper on the box of graphite pieces with black text on front and back. Front: “A.W.Faber’s/Polygrade Leads/are also furines in/boxes contianing/1 dozel, 1/4 gross,/a1/2 gross or 1 gross/of one degree/at proportionally/lower prices.” Back: “A. W. Faber/Manufactory established/1761./Gold and First Class/Prize Medals./Grand Prix Paris 1900/Grand Prize St. Louis 1904./ 1/2 dozen/Leads No. 4/for/Artist’s Pencils/with/moveable Leads./Made in Bavaria/No 2034”. Tape on top of box indicating that this was a gift from UC [university college], spring, 1986

Dimensions (cm): Box: 10 x 17.5 x 53.5 cm


A pantograph allows the precise reproduction of a drawing at a different scale (e.g. enlargement).


Very good. The wooden box is slightly marked but in very good condition. The instrument appears complete and has few signs of use.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: W. F. Stanley & Co., London

Date of Manufacture: Prior to 1925


Additional Information and References:

This website provides an image of an assembled ‘Improved’ Stanley pantograph:

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