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Hearing Aid (Oticon)

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

This object consists of a small grey control unit, an earpiece and attached wire, and a small instructional booklet contained in a small brown case with zip closure. The case is brown plastic, with a faux-leather pattern and matching brown zip and brass-coloured zipper pull. The interior is lined in faux suede material, also brown, and has grey attached elastic sections for keeping components in place.

The control unit is a small box roughly rectangular in shape but tapered at one end and covered in grey plastic casing, with curved corners. It has a metal clip attached to one side for attaching to clothing. The bottom of the box is darker in colour and can be removed to reveal a place for a short battery. On one side of the box, there is a small female socket with two pins; this matches the plug on the earpiece wire. On a larger face, there is a small round hole with an arrow arced around it and the letter “A” written nearby.

On the top of the box, fitted into a darker plastic surround are a number of dials and switches, all of which are light grey in colour. Two rocking switches allow switching between positions marked for one switch “M”, “MT” and “T” and for the other “H” “N” “L”. A second rocking switch selects between “+” and “0”. There is a dial mounted so one edge protrudes with a ridged edge that is numbered from 1 to 9 in evenly spaced intervals. Situated between these four adjustments there is a recessed area covered with a fine mesh.

Also in the box, there is a section of coiled wire with a very small male plug at one end with two silver pins. The wire consists of two beige-coloured wires coiled around each other. It ends in a roughly cylindrical earpiece piece consisting of a beige plastic backing, a metal cylinder with a raised section in the middle with a small round hole in the middle. Around this, flush against the broader ring, there is a green washer.

Also in the case, there is a small booklet with an orange cover. This booklet contains basic information about getting used to using a hearing aid.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Plastic, Metal: Iron Alloy, Card, Paper.


In recessed lettering on the base of the control unit: “oticon”

Printed on the side of the box: “370 Si”

Engraved in the metal of the earpiece: “DENMARK”
“E11” “53”

On the front cover of the booklet: “oticon”
On the front cover of the booklet: “Printed in Denmark by Askbo 906618 10 6/74”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 3, Width = 8, Length = 11.


A hearing aid amplifies sound for a hearing-impaired person. The control unit provides amplification and power from the unit. The earpiece is intended to be worn in the ear.


Excellent: The hearing aid and earpiece appear to be new. The booklet is slightly warped, with very minor damage to the top left corner of the rear cover.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Oticon, Denmark

Date of Manufacture: c. 1974


This object was collected in 2018 from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute along with other objects related to audiology.

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