Optical Bench (in box)

University College

Accession Number: 2009.uc.1


1 wooden box (key missing) which contains: 1 track for the light bench, 2 mounting brackets, 4 lager lenses (1 with frame only), 1 large brass lens with measurement grid, 2 small lenses, 2 Brewster-Angle polarizers (1 with black backing and 2 without), 1 crystal holder, 1 Nicol Prism, 1 metal rod, 1 metal joint, 1 large brass scope with interior lenses, 1 lens attachment with slide rule, 1 brass two-pronged attachment; 1 lens/crystal (?) 6 crystals: 1 quartz (mounted with optic axis parallel to bench axis), 1 quartz (mounted perpendicular – crystal missing), 1 quartz (2 crystals of differen rotations mounted together), 1 tourmaline (mounted parallel), 1 unmounted crystal, and 2 unidentified crystals, one of which may be a mask; 7 pieces mica: 2 disks, 5 sheets (1 unmounted and 4 mounted, 1 is labelled “lambda/4 plate / moorhouse”. Missing: stand (base and column) to support track, piece to complete crystal holder, instruction booklet. Box labelled “1” (?) on proper left

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: brass, mica, glass


Dimensions (cm): Box: 46 x 23 x 14.5 cm



Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Mon Jules Duboscq Ph. Pellin Paris 55

Date of Manufacture: c. 1890


Historical Notes:

Catalogue for Jules Duboscq titled “Instument d’optique et de precision” c. 1890 in UTSIC posession.