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No. 4 D. D. Home Medical Apparatus

Health Sciences · IHPST

A portable medical battery with attached electrodes. The instrument is self-contained in a wooden box with a handle on the top and two latches, one for the lid and the other for the base of the box. The underside of the lid has an extensive operating label. Inside the top of the box, the apparatus is covered in a black metal covering. The instrument itself is accessed by turning the box on its side and unlatching the bottom panel.

The instrument consists of a metal cylinder which contains two electrodes. Each electrode is 19 cm long and consists of a handle and a metal cylinder. The metal cylinders are connected to terminals on the apparatus by long rubber-coated wires. There are two detached sponges which would connect to the ends of the electrodes, though it is not apparent how. There is a detachable aluminum plate which separates the apparatus from the black metal cover inside the box. There are three terminals on the apparatus. The electrodes are connected to the first and second terminal. The battery to which the electrodes are attached is coated in rubber, and is shielded by another material. The instrument has a switch.

Accession Number: 2015.ihpst.30

Alternative Name: Medical Battery

Primary Materials: Wood, Metal, Sponge, Rubber


The underside of the lid has an extensive operating label.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 12.7, Width = 12.7, Length = 21

Function: Used for electric medical therapy.


Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Mesco Dry Cell Battery

Date of Manufacture:


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  • Donated to UTSIC