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New Access Road Informational Card


This is a stack of identical thin cardboard cards (14 x 8.5cm) printed on one side with the same message. The message provides information about a new access road to the David Dunlap Observatory. They are wrapped as a stack in tissue paper.

Accession Number: 2019.ast.195

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Cardboard


Each card is printed with the same message: “DAVID DUNLAP OBSERVATORY
Access to the Observatory is no longer from Observatory Lane — which now ends at the CNR tracks.
The new access road is off Hillsview Drive at a point about 200 yards east of the CNR tracks. Hillsview Drive, running east from Yonge Street to Bayview Avenue, is about 500 yards north of Observatory Lane, at Stop 24 on the Yonge Street Bus Line, about a mile south of Richmond Hill.
The new Observatory road will be closed at night except when visitors with reservations are expected.
September 1964.
J.F. Heard

Dimensions (cm):

Full Stack of Cards: Length = 14, Width = 8.5, Height = 2.5


These cards were printed as informational cards regarding the access to the David Dunlap Observatory, which changed in 1964. They were likely intended to be distributed to visitors or staff to the observatory in order to guide people to the correct entrance.


Excellent: The cards are in excellent condition with no sign of wear or warping. Most of the cards are yellowed around the very edge. One of the cards is significantly yellowed across its front (printed side).

Associated Instruments: 2019.ast.193, 2019.ast.194


Date of Manufacture: 1964


These cards were created for the David Dunlap Observatory. They were kept at the Observatory until 2009 when upon the sale of the Observatory they were moved to the University of Toronto’s Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the St George Campus. In 2017 they were moved to a new storage location in McLennan Physical Laboratories.

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