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Memory Drum


A large aluminum memory drum mounted on a wooden stand. The instrument includes two scrolls. There are two large black knobs labelled T-1 and T-2 with a gradient from .5 to 6 on the left of the “operators” side. There are three metal switches on the right of the “operators” side labelled “Paired Assoc/Serial”, “Oper./St’by”, and “On/Power”. The drum rotates on the operator’s side at a speed set by the operator. There is a large metal plate on the back of the drum that shields the drum from the test subject. There is a horizontal slit window in the shield that exposes the scroll on the drum to the test subject on the other side one line at a time, at a speed determined by the operator. A black power cable is attached to the operator’s side.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.42

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Aluminum; Wood; Plastic


U of T label on test subject’s side of shield (outer side): “University of Toronto Research Equipment No. 566 DM 71, University of Toronto.” On the operator’s side, there is a manufacturer’s label: “Memory Drum 459B, Serial No. 21B; Gordon N. Stowe & Associates. Northbrook, Il, U.S.A.”

Dimensions (cm):

Base: Width = 42, Length = 35; Drum: Height = 27, Width = 36, Length = 26


Condition: Excellent.

Associated Instruments: 2011.psy.65, 2011.psy.66


Gordon N. Stowe & Associates. Northbrook, Il, U.S.A.

Date of Manufacture:


Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

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