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Lightbox with rotating light source


The lightbox consists of a hollow metal box with small rubber legs at each bottom corner. A semi-translucent plastic sheet is attached to the top surface of the box by velcro at each edge. The following are found on the side of the box: one dial, two metal switches, one three-prong plug for a clock, and one “fuse” knob. An electrical cord with plug emerges from the box’s side.

Accession Number: 2012.psy.140

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, rubber, plastic, velcro


Manufacturer’s label, sticker on side of box: “Marietta Apparatus Company. Marietta. Ohio, USA”, Labels for switches: “BUZZ/OFF”, “LOCK/OFF/MOMENTARY”, “FUSE”, Department label (metal printed label nailed onto instrument): “Department of Psychology Research Equipment No. 394 MCT 71”, Plastic embossed labels on side of box: “1/2 A SLO BLO”, “115 Vac”, “STANDARD CLOCK ONLY”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 12 , Width = 33, Length = 43


Ultimate function unknown. However, the instrument is still operational. When turned on, the box emits a buzzing sound and small point of orange light rotates at moderate speed along surface of box. Possibly used for studies of reaction times: participant traces finger along surface of box to follow moving light. When light stops, reaction time is measured, as well as position of finger relative to light (?).


Good. Minor staining on plastic top cover, velcro detached on one edge of box, metal sides are slightly dirty.

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Manufacturer: Marietta Apparatus Company

Date of Manufacture: c.1960s


Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

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