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Light Projector


A black metal base with A black metal lightbox attached on a hinge with a butterfly clasp. The back flap of the lightbox has three punched holes at the bottom and a hinge at the top which opens to reveal a lightbulb (GE 500watt, 120V). The lightbulb is screwed into a plug which sits in a hole at the bottom of the lightbox. The cord outside is covered in woven cloth and has a split end with two round metal attachments. The top of the lightbox has a hole that is covered by another sheet of metal that is bent on two sides to cover the hole, but not completely. The other two sides are open. Attached to the front of the lightbox is a grey metal lens with a convex glass lens on the front. The metal lens is attached to the lightbox by 3 bolts.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.1

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass, Fabric

Markings: Bottom of base: “17524-6”

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 26.7, Width =10.4, Length = 28.3



Good. A piece of yellowing tape on the outside of one of the side panels of the lightbox; remains of another piece of tape just above. Light bulb plug is cracked and the cord is frayed.

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Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

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