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Ivory Bone Screws (Hey Groves)

Health Sciences · Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy

A Ziploc bag contains eight beige hand-made screws of varying length. Six of the screws have short extensions above the screw head. These are presumably meant to assist in driving the screws and are meant to be subsequently removed. Six of the screws are of similar length and width. One is slightly longer and another is significantly longer.

Accession Number: 2023.JAC.277

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Ivory (possibly cow bone or horn)


A note within the bag reads as follows: “Bone Screws- made of IVORY// – made by Dr HEY-GROVES// BRISTOL 1920”

Dimensions (cm):

Screws are ~4-5mm in diameter. The longest screw is ~8.5cm in length. The shortest is ~2.2.



The screws appear to be intact and on good condition. Two are missing the extension above the screw head.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Ernest Hey Groves. Bristol, UK.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1920


The Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy Collection was acquired by the University of Toronto from Dr. Jackson’s family on November 12th, 2020.

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Historical Notes:

  • Donated to UTSIC