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This object consists of a rectangular piece of wood, with a paper surface with scales along the left short side, and the bottom long side. Set flat into the paper surface and the wood is a small round-ended rectangle of plain wood with scales on both sides. All these scales’ numbers are written mirrored. Dangling from the top of this piece is a string about 20cm long, which is attached at the end to a round lead weight. Fixed to the right end of the main wooden piece is a black synthetic piece. At the base of this same edge is a long narrow mirror roughly 15cm long that sounds out perpendicularly from the wooden base. This can be folded mostly flat against the wood. On the left edge, a black metal piece aligns opposite the black piece on he right edge.

Accession Number: 2017.for.3

Alternative Name: Clinometer

Primary Materials:


On the paper scale surface: “Faustmann’s Spiegel-Hypsometer.”
“No. …..”
“L. Tesdorpf. Stuttgart”

On a paper label attached to the long mirror: “FOR60 1/17/79”. This refers to the object’s entry in the 1978 Catalogue.

Dimensions (cm): 18.5cm x 8.5cm x 5cm


To enable easy measurement of the height of an object, such as a tree, via an angle measured from a known distance from the base of the object. The mirror enables the user to view the height of the tree on the scale while still holding the instrument at the appropriate incline.


Poor. The paper surface of this instrument is torn, discoloured and scratched. The mirror surface is tarnished along each edge, and is no longer affixed squarely to the wooden base, and no longer folds completely flat.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: L. Tesdorpf, Stuttgart

Date of Manufacture: c. 1890


University of Toronto Department of Forestry.

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