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Hip Replacement (Sulzer)

Health Sciences · Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy

A medical artifact consists of two main elements, a cup-like “Acetabular shell” and a stem-like element consisting of a femoral stem and attached head. Two bone screws were also included with this item.

The acetabular shell consists of a hemispherical cup with an off-white liner of translucent plastic. The outer surface of the metal shell has ten holes. Much of its outer surface has a roughened texture.

The femoral stem assembly has a polished head attached to a stem with flat, roughened surfaces. The polished head can be removed. There are four holes running through the wider sides of the step. One larger hole runs in the opposite direction at a point in the upper surface adjacent to the head

Accession Number: 2023.JAC.273

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Ti-6Al-7Nb (Titanium-Aluminum-Niobium “Protasul-100”) Alloy, Plastic (probably polyethylene)


Printed around the lower rim of the head: “ISO 5832/4// 901121R041”, “SULZER”, “28L”, “12/14”, “14,28,07”, “SWISS MADE// PROTEK”
Stamped or engraved on the top of the cylinder upon which the polished head is attached: “1214”
Stamped or engraved on one lager flattened face: “TI-AL-NB// SWISS MADE”, “SULZER// 8982036121”, “U1O”
Stamped or engraved on opposite lager flattened face: “PROTASUL®-100″, “ALLO PRO// ART. NO. 2846”
Stamped or engraved on one narrower flattened face: “6”

Stamped or engraved around perimeter of flat surface: “61mm”, “TI”, “33283”, “4310-00-064”

Dimensions (cm):

Diameter of the shell= 6; Stem: Height = 18, Width = 3, Length = 7.5


A total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty), replaces both the ball and the socket of the hip joint with an artificial component.


This item appears to be intact. The shell has patches of red-orange, as well as white, deposit on its outer surface. It has at least one noticeable scratch near the top centre of the outer surface. The white inset has an area of noticeable damage and deformation. The stem has patches of a white deposit. It has noticeable scratches over its surface and very heavy scratches on the round column just beneath the head.

Associated Instruments:


Sulzer Orthopedics Inc., Austin, Texas, USA; Manufactured in Switzerland

Date of Manufacture: Late 20th Century


The Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy Collection was acquired by the University of Toronto from Dr. Jackson’s family on November 12th, 2020.

Additional Information and References:

Kenneth Chang “When Medical Devices Fail in the Body” The New York Times. August 7, 2001, Section F, Page 1

Historical Notes:

Sulzer Orthopedics was an American division of the Swiss company, Sulzer Medica.

In December of 2000, Sulzer recalled the acetabular shells from hip implants due to a manufacturing problem that prevented the implants from bonding properly to natural tissue. This was part of a larger recall of hip and knee implants that ultimately cost the company over $1 billion USD. The recall required the removal of the implants affecting thousands of patients, primarily in the United States.

The Sulzer name was changed to Centerpulse Orthopedics Inc. in 2002 following the controversy surrounding defective implants. In 2003, Sulzer orthopedics was purchased by Zimmer Holdings, Inc.

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