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Hand Tachometer

DLSPH Occupational Health

A black box with a blue velvet lining contains a black instrument. The instrument has a large glass-fronted dial on its surface indicating rotations per minute. There are six other small objects within the case. These are spindles and tips to bring the tachometer into contact with a rotating shaft.

Accession Number: 2016.phlt.1.102.1-8

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Steel, Rubber, Glass


The instrument has a serial number embossed on its back surface. “88247”

It has the letters “PHYS HYG” inscribed onto its back surface.

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Length = 10, Width = 12.7, Height = 17.5.


This instrument measures rotational speed.


Very Good: The surfaces of the instrument and case are slightly worn.

Associated Instruments:


Boulin Instrument Corporation. New York, New York.

Date of Manufacture:


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