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This object consists of a wooden block-shaped case with a leather handle. The box once contained four pieces of an optical instrument, likely a telescope eyepice; shapes have been cut into the white foam packaging roughly indicating the shapes of the missing pieces. It currently contains a single round eyepiece lens with a threaded attachment around the barrel.

Accession Number: 2018.ast.61

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:


On a small metal label on the exterior of the box: “… OF TORONTO ASTRONOMY DAVID DUNLAP OBSERVATORY”

On the eyepiece around the lens: “CLAVÉ, PARIS”

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Length: 33cm, Width: 17.7cm, Height: 13.3cm; Eyepiece: Diameter: 6.5cm, Height: 2.5cm


The surviving object is an eyepiece, probably for a telescope or similar optical instrument. It is probable that the missing objects were associated eyepiece parts (i.e. the barrel).


Very Good. The wood of this box is marked and stained in places, but in otherwise good condition. The foam packaging inside the box appears to have been replaced relatively recently; the top packaging is grey, the bottom is dense white packaging. The metal buckles attaching the leather handle are moderately rusted. Three of the four original pieces of this object are missing from the box. The surviving piece (a lens/eyepiece) is in very good condition, with the only sign of use where the paint is worn

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Clavé, Paris

Date of Manufacture: Mid-Late 20th Century


This object was likely moved from the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill in 2008, upon the sale of the observatory. It was stored at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics until 2017, when it was moved to a new storage location in McLennan Physical Laboratories.

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