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Electric Timer


A grey, rectangular metal timer with a black cord attached to the back. The instrument has three small black buttons on the front: “start”, “stop”, and “reset” at the bottom of the electronic display window. There are labels on the top from a black label-maker reading “1/4 a slo-blo internal fuse/For ext. conn. see/Electronic research co/operating instructions”. There is also a piece of paper with the word “Unfamiliar” printed on it taped to the top. There is a white power button and a power cord at the back.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.41

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: metal; plastic


The top left of the electronic display window bears the logo “ERC, a textron company”. A metal engraved University of Toronto label is attached to the top: “Department of Psychology Research Equipment No. 1200 c 71, University of Toronto”. There is also an orange Ontario Hydro electrical approval label on the top.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 8.5, Width = 13, Length = 18

Function: Timer.


Excellent. The object has a few scratches and dirt marks.

Associated Instruments: 2011.psy.14, 2011.psy.15

Manufacturer: ERC, A Textron Company

Date of Manufacture:


Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

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