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The dynameter consists of a horizontal metal bar with a metal disc attached at each end. Adjustable fabric straps are also attached to the instrument, on at one end of the metal bar on the other side from the disc, the other on a metal arm that can be adjusted to various angles. The metal arm is connected to the main body of the instrument by a geared hinge. The two fabric straps are for wrapping around the wrist. The instrument attached to the forearm.

Accession Number: 2012.psy.89

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: metal, latex stretch cloth, wood


“Arthrodynamometre du Prof. Amar, maker: Pirard & Coeurdevache, Constructeurs, 7 rue Plainville, Paris.”

Dimensions (cm):

(metal component only, does not include measures of straps): Height = 7.5, Width = 8, Length 21.5


The dynameter measured local responses in the arm.


Good, though with some corrosion on metal discs making it difficult to read the markings.

Associated Instruments: 2012.psy.98

Manufacturer: Pirard & Coeurdevache, Paris

Date of Manufacture: c. 1920


Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

Additional Information and References:

Historical Notes:

1)Bergström, J. A. (1903). A New Type of Ergograph, with a Discussion of Ergographic Experimentation, American Journal of Psychology. Vol. 14: 510-40, (253-258

2)Mosso, Angelo. (1906). Fatigue, Translated into English by Margaret and W. B. Drummand, London: Swan.