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Dr. R. B. Philip’s Colour Perception Test

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This colour perception test consists of a pocket-sized black box of numbered test cards containing red, purple (violet), green, and blue coloured dots, a simple instruction manual, and test sheets (both blank and filled out) all contained in a black cardboard box.

The instruction manual was written by Dr. B. R. Philip, University of Alberta, Edmonton, the apparent designer of the test.

Accession Number: 2012.psy.100

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Paper, cardboard


The instrument’s name is labelled on the side of the lid of the main box: “PHILLIPS [sic] COLOR PERCEPTION/B I.” “Scott-Cott. 4” is written on the lid in black ink. There is a paper label on the inside of the lid with instructions. The botton of the box has pencil marking for each colour: “RED,” “GREEN,” “BLUE,” “VIOLET.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 3.5, Width = 15, Length = 30

Function: Colour perception test.


Good: all test components are intact. The outer box, however, is in poor condition, particularly along the edges.

Associated Instruments: 2011.psy.5, 2012.psy.83, 2012.psy.99


Date of Manufacture:


Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

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