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University College

Wooden case with a curved, removable lid. “VAULT” marked in black on top surface. Identical text on box and plate on dictaphone: “DICTAPHONE/MANUFACTURED BY AMERICAN GRAMAPHONE COMPANY/FOR/Columbia Phonograph/Company Gen’l.NEW YORK”. Hinges on lower portion of box indicate interior lid lifts up; patent label on one end with dates of patent: “PATENTED/JUNE 10, 1890 OCT 18, 1892/OCT 16, 1894 OCT 13, 1896/MCH 30, 1897 JULY 27, 1897/OCT 8, 1901 DEC 31, 1907/OTHER PATENTS PENDING”. Silver metal instrument dictaphone, some parts painted black; rectangular metal base plate with apparatus mounted on top.

Accession Number: 2009.uc.60

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: wood, metal


Dimensions (cm): 34 x 39 x 28 cm (case with lid)



Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Columbia Phonograph Co. (NY)

Date of Manufacture:


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