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Complete Test Material for Revised Stanford-Binet Scales (Form L)

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This instrument consists of a wooden box, containing both printed materials and small wooden or plastic objects for testing intelligence in children. The box includes a particle-board lid, which slides into two grooves on the inside edges of the box to close it. The paper testing materials include: one Vocabulary Card (including 45 numbered words), one booklet of verbal and picture exercises (including illustrated scenes, word problems, sentences with words scrambled, and illustrations of animals and objects, one large illustrated colour image of a young boy, and three envelopes containing multiple testing cards (these envelopes are labelled “Picture Vocabulary,” “Discrimination of Forms,” and “Pictorial Likenesses and Differences.” The object testing materials are sorted into eight variously sized cardboard boxes. These objects include a wooden “Form Board” which consists of three wooden shapes (circle, square, triangle) that must fit into the carved grooves of a wooden 13×21 cm base. The other objects include: a plastic button, three thimbles, a plastic toy train car, a plastic chair, two tin toy automobiles, two sets of plastic miniature spoons and forks, two ceramic miniature teacups, a plastic miniature chair, a set of wooden blocks, two ceramic cats, one ceramic dog, a rubber doll.

Accession Number: 2013.psy.141

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Primary Materials: wood, paper, plastic, metal, cardboard


Side panel of wooden box: “Form L: Complete Test Material for Form L. Contents listed on inside cover. For use with Measuring Intelligence. REVISED STANFORD-BINET SCALES By Lewis M. Terman and Maud A. Merrill. HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY. Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 7.5; Width = 26; Depth = 38.5


This instrument was used for assessing intelligence in children.


Good. All testing materials are intact; however, some pages of the printed materials show signs of ripping.

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Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Company

Date of Manufacture: 1937


University of Toronto Psychology Department

Additional Information and References:

“Form L” refers to a subset of the testing materials (the other subset was dubbed “Form M”). These two parallel sets of materials were named after Lewis Terman (Form L) and his graduate student at Stanford University, Maud Merrill (Form M).

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