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Box of weights


This is a wooden box with a sliding lid. It contains six large roughly made circular weights with cut-out wedges. Three of them are 200g weights, three are 1000g weights.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.61

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Metal


Each weight is stamped with a gram measurement, either “200 GRM” or “1000 GRM”

A small sticker on one corner reads “PSYCH 026”. This refers to the 1978 catalogue.

Dimensions (cm): 22.1cm x 9.7cm x 5.9cm


Measuring the weight of objects. Exact function in psychology context is unknown.


Fair. Weights are badly scraped and scored. The box itself is also scraped and scratched from use.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Locally made?

Date of Manufacture:


Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

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