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Box containing 12 wax cylinders

University College

Box: heavy cardstock box covered with black fabric; separate lid with 2 sides torn off and missing; originally had a handle on front; dull grey metal folding hook closure; grey label on top of lid: text in blue print “The C[am]bridge Phonographic/Records/Edited by MRS. J.G.FRAZER”. Label on bottom: ‘HEFFER & SONS, Publishers, Cambridge,/ENGLAND”. Inside the box, white sticker on lid interior: “from MRS. J.G. FRAZER/4 PARKSIDE/CAMBRIDGE./I hope the Phonographic Records (Phonograms)/supplied by me have proved satisfactory. Kindly/let me know if that is so. I shall be grateful for the improvement of the Records.” Label with hand-written text proper life: “CAMBRIDGE/PHONOGRAPHIC/RECORDS C”. Body of box interior divided into 12 equal secions, each holding one wax cylinder. Each wax cylinder separately packaged in a brown cardboard cylindrical box; lids have round, blue labels on top with “From Mrs. J.G. FRAZER” and “4 Parkside, CAMBRIDGE” printed around the rim and hand-written numbers, some with additional information. Some wax cylinders marked “Mrs J.G. FRAZER” and a number of them are stamped on the rim, as on the corresponding box lid. Some wax cylinders have rolled up paper pertaining to their content.

Accession Number: 2009.uc.60.b

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wax, Wood

Markings: see description

Dimensions (cm):

12 x 30.5 x 22.8 cm (box). Each cylinder 7 cm in diameter

Function: For the recording of sound.


Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Cambridge Phonographic Records Co.

Date of Manufacture:


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