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Baudot Distributor (Émile Baudot)


A rectangular brass instrument mounted on a wooden stand. There is a motor inside and an axis that protrudes on both front and back. It is missing four bolts, one on each corner of the stand. There are three brass terminals mounted on the wooden stand at the back of the instrument. A scale at the top of both front and back is graded from 20-0-20 in increments of 5. There is a manufacturer’s label on the front at the bottom. A rectangular piece of cardboard with the number “3” written in black is tied to the object with string. A further rotating element, attached to the central post, is missing.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.59

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Brass, Wood


There is an engraved brass label under the instrument: “Distributor Baudot No. 2, DIA T.G. 293”.

Dimensions (cm):

Instrument: Height = 20, Width = 8.5, Length = 19; Base: Height = 3, Width = 20, Length = 24


Transmission of electrical signals using time-division multiplex (telegraphic equipment.)

Condition: Good: some scratches and corrosion.

Associated Instruments: 2011.psy.57, 114

Manufacturer: Émile Baudot

Date of Manufacture: c. 1880


Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

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