Air Velocity Meter

DLSPH Collection · Public Health

Accession Number: 2016.phlt.1.108.1-3


A black leather case contains a black rectangular instrument. On the front face of the instrument is a white dial giving air velocity in feet per minute. On the left side is an orifice fitting that permits air to enter. An instruction sheet is included in the case.

Alternative Name: Alnor Velometer Jr., Anemometer

Primary Materials: Steel, Plastic


A sticker on the top surface reads:

“Occupational Medicine & Hygiene
University of Toronto
(416) 978-2745″

A sticker on the back face of the instrument reads:

“Property of:
University of Toronto
Faculty of Medicine”
… and lists the number “0156”

Piece of masking tape on the leather case reads “No Good.”

Dimensions (cm):

Case: Length = 10, Length = 11.5, Height = 5.5


This instrument measures the speed of air currents.

Condition: Very Good.

Manufacturer: Alnor.