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27mm Optical Adapter (Linvatec)

Health Sciences · Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy

An optical component, cylindrical in overall form, likely an adapter (model number 8450).

A spring-loaded sleeve with a small handle protruding from its circumference is located near an opening at one end. A lens is visible within this opening. There is a green-coloured band around the circumference of this opening. The opposite end is covered by a green plastic cover.

Accession Number: 2021.JAC.122

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Steel, Plastic


Markings on the prong-loaded sleeve: “Linvatec// 8450°” “27mm// STYLE” “S/N 1271”

Raised writing moulded into the surface of the green end cap: “LINVATEC IMAGING SYSTEMS H40-002-000” “2”

Engraved near the larger opening, visible when the collar is depressed: “S/N 1271”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 2.5, Width = 3.2, Length=8.5

Function: Unknown


This artifact is in very good cosmetic condition. Very fine nicks and scratches are visible across its surface.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Linvatec. Largo, FL.

Date of Manufacture: Late 20th c.


The Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy Collection was acquired by the University of Toronto from Dr. Jackson’s family on November 12th, 2020.

This instrument was received in a plastic bag containing several Concept optical instruments (2021.JAC.118-122).

Additional Information and References:

PR Newswire, “Bristol-Myers Squibb To Sell Its Arthroscopy And Surgical Instruments Businesses.” July 16, 1997.

Historical Notes:

In 1990 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. purchased Concept Inc. The Linvatec brand was formed in 1991 when Bristol-Myers merged its Concept and Weck units. in 1994, Bristol-Myers merged the brand with Hall Surgical. In 1996, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. sold Linvatec to Conmed Corp. of Utica, N.Y.

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