University College

Accession Number: 2009.uc.14


An elongated horseshoe magnet is mounted on a vertical wood backing. The magnet is protected with a modern plexiglass case (later addition – not shown in photographs). The mirror is suspended inside the centre of magnet by brass brackets at either end. The entire piece is mounted on a wooden stand with connected terminals.

A removable wooden lid with a flat glass window attaches to the case body with metal hooks.

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass, Wood


On the removable lid: a small brass plaque has the following inscribed in script: “Ateliers Ruhmkorff, J. Carpentier, Ingr. Constr. À Paris”.

Old Inventory Number = uc14a (galvanometer), uc14b (lid).

Dimensions (cm): Height= 53, Width= 21, Length= 21


Used for making precision measurements of electric instruments.

Condition: Good.


Ateliers Ruhmkorff, J. Carpentier, Ingr. Constr. À Paris

Date of Manufacture: c. 1880

Provenance: Physics via University College

Historical Notes:

Galvanometer is labeled 2009.uc.14.a. The wooden frame is labeled 2009.uc.14.b.