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L.E. Jones

This instrument is housed in a rectangular wooden box with a lockable lid. It opens to reveal a brass panel with a number of dials and sliding pegs. In the lower left corner is a small removable wood and glass panel, underneath which is an empty space, perhaps for storing pencils, compasses, etc. There are a number of recessed displays showing number values, 16 on the top row, 9 on the lower row. There are 8 graduated slots with movable brass pegs.

Accession Number: 2017.lej.56

Alternative Name: Arithmometer

Primary Materials: Wood, Brass


“Arithmometre” is written on top of the box. On the inside of the top of the box is a small brass plaque, containing the writing: “Tim and Unitas Calculating Machines George Spicer Marketplace, Brentford Phone Ealing 2020.”

On the inside panel, etched into the brass surface, is “Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd.”

Lower on the panel, next to the sliding pegs, adjacent to a control device, are the words “Add on et Mult on” (adjacent to the ‘up’ position of the control device), and “Soust on et Divis on” (adjacent to the ‘down’ position of the control device).

Just below the above writing is a company maker’s mark, which says “THOMAS de Colmar, INVENTEUR 44 RUE DE CHATEAUDUN 44 Paris No. 1373 EXPOSITION, 16 RUE DE LA TOUR DES DAMES”

There are what appear to be marks from black ink. There is a number written, apparently by hand, on the inside of the lid: 9.49903

Dimensions (cm): 59cm x 18 x 9.5


The machine is an arithmetic calculator, presumably used by the Prudential Assurance Company.


The device displays multiple scratches, especially on the surface of the box. There’s a crack in the piece of glass on the inside lower left corner. There are a number of markings in black ink (from users?). The brass parts are faded and, in places, corroded. There is a little rust across the metal surfaces on the instruments.

Associated Instruments: Tate Arithmometre, 2010.lej.47

Manufacturer: Thomas de Colmar, Paris

Date of Manufacture:


Property of UTSIC. Donated by Trevor Levere, who received it from the estate of Stilman Drake.

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  • Donated to UTSIC