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Psychological Tests

The first psychology laboratory in Canada was created in 1891 at the University of Toronto, under the direction of the well-known psychologist James Baldwin. It was housed on the first floor of the University College building.

This lab was part of the new and growing field of experimental psychology, whose practitioners sought to make the study of the mind and consciousness more scientific. Its creation, however, was not without controversy. Opposition came from philosophers who thought the study of the mind was not something that could be modeled after the physical sciences. But by 1926, the discipline of psychology had become widely accepted enough to merit its own independent department, created under the head of Edward Alexander Bott.

The collection of psychological tests here represents some of the experiments and tests that were conducted during the history of Unipsychological testing, both in North America and Europe. The need to sort soldiers to the most appropriate positions led to the creation of many of the intelligence and personality tests on display here.These tests assess a range of psychological traits, from general intelligence to juvenile delinquency. They are also examples of the visual and aesthetic appeal that such tests can have; the Rorschach tests in particular have become iconic images in popular culture.