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Canada’s Sesquicentennial: 150 Years of Research at UofT

2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary as a nation. We’ve taken this as an opportunity to look back at the history of the University of Toronto: its people, its research, its stories. We’re running two sesquicentenially themed projects. Our exhibit, “Untold Stories”, opened in April 2017 and runs until the spring of 2018. Using artifacts gathered from departments across the university–from crayfish collected from an Ontario lake to a geiger counter rescued from U of T’s SlowPoke reactor–the exhibit tells just a few of the thousands of stories U of T has produced.

You can find “Untold Stories” in our exhibit space on the third floor of the Victoria College building (Old Vic), at U of T’s St George Campus. The exhibit is free and open between 10am-6pm daily.

If you can’t get to Toronto, throughout the year we are running an online exhibit highlighting some of our exhibit artifacts (and more!) in detailed blog posts that explore them from all angles: their form, fabrication, use, lives and deaths. Follow us on Twitter to hear about each new article as it is posted, or visit the link below to see all the posts so far.