Striking Reed Pipe


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A long, thin wooden box with a wooden, square removable end that fits neatly inside the open end of the box via a notch around the interior rim. Affixed perpendicularly to the interior side of the lid there is a tube of metal, with an adjustable knob on one side. On one side of this tube, lying flat against the tube, is a small, rectangular flat piece of metal, like a reed.

For a section of its longer faces, the box is cut open on three sides and a three-sided glass window covers this open hole. This has black tape connecting the sheets at their right angles and where the glass connects to the wood. The metal tube and its affixed reed is visible through this window when the end of the box is attached. On the other end of the wooden box from the metal tube there is wooden tube; this can be removed.

Primary Materials:

Wood, Glass, Metal: Copper Alloy, Metal: Other?


On the top of the box there is a metal label, which reads: “MAX KOHL Werkstatten fur Prazisionsmechanik CHEMNITZ I/S”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 10, Width = 10, Length = 28


This is a reed pipe, which creates sound through the vibration of a metal reed. It was most likely used for acoustical investigations and demonstrations as part of undergraduate lectures and laboratory work on acoustics.


Good: The wood of the instrument is in good condition, although the mouthpiece tube is coming away from the wood. The tape around the glass window is brittle and coming away from both glass and wood. The metal components are in good condition, with little sign of corrosion.

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MAX KOHL Werkstatten fur Prazisionsmechanik CHEMNITZ I/S

Date of Manufacture: 1876-1908


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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