Two Light Bulbs on a Wooden Base


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This is two cylindrical lightbulbs mounted at either end of a rectangular wooden base. The base is made of plywood and painted black. The bulbs sit in two ceramic sockets containing screw connectors. The bulbs are relatively large and cylindrical through their bodies, with a pointed tip, Inside, the bulbs contain an assembly of wires arranged in a rectangular pattern of vertical and parallel wires supported on a vertical glass support with horizontals at the top and base. One of these has broken and fallen inside the base of the lightbulb.

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Primary Materials:

Wood: Plywood, Metal: Iron Alloy, Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass, Ceramic


Printed on the side of both bulbs: “7035A OSRAM MADE IN ENGLAND BY G.E.C. LTD PATENT”.

There is 1978 Catalogue label fixed to the base: “PHY177”

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 23.5, Length = 27.5, Width = 11.5


This set, one of many in the collection, is likely intended to be used by undergraduate students investigating features of currents and circuits.


Fair: The wooden base is in very good condition, although the paint is worn off on the edge of one side. The sockets are in good condition, although dirty. The screws holding them in place are rusty across their surface, and the screws that act as electrical terminals for the lightbulbs are oxidized brown. One of the bulbs is in very good condition, with its internal assembly intact and the wires continuous. The other bulb is damaged: the tip is broken off and the internal assembly has snapped off at the base and now lies inside the base of the bulb. Both bulbs are dusty on top.

Associated Instruments:


Locally assembled; Lightbulbs: General Electric Company, UK, with Osram filament

Date of Manufacture: 1906-1939


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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