Light Bulbs (in Parallel)


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This is a rectangular varnished wooden base with three Edison Carbon CP32 light bulbs mounted in a row of ceramic sockets. The light bulbs are connected by two parallel wires, one yellow-brown, one red, running along each side of the sockets and connected to the sockets at the sides. Each wire connects to a pair of metal terminal at one end of the base.

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Primary Materials:

Wood, Metal: Iron Alloy, Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass, Ceramic


A 1978 catalogue tag is attached: “PHY179”

Printed on the top of each bulb: “EDISON CARBON 32CP”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 21, Length = 30, Width = 12.5


This set is likely intended to be used by undergraduate students investigating features of currents and circuits.


Very Good: The wooden base is in good condition, although there are scratches in the varnish at the corners and edges. The base is dusty between the sockets, as are the exterior of the lightbulbs. The sockets are also dirty and dusty, but in good condition with no chips or cracks. The electrical terminals are slightly oxidized, as are the screws in the sockets to which the wires are connected. The screws in the sockets holding the sockets in place are rusty across their surfaces.

The three lightbulbs have no cracks and the filaments in all three are continuous.

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Locally assembled; Lightbulbs: General Electric

Date of Manufacture: Early 20th Century


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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