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Lawrence Engineering Service 10-B Slide Rule

L.E. Jones

A 10″ boxwood slide rule with the scales printed on a white surface. The opposite side has information useful for a number of mathematical calculations. The rule indicates that the patent for this model was pending at the time of manufacture. The slide has ridges. A brass-framed glass cursor, originally included, was probably lost during use. Comes in a black cardboard box with “Lawrence Deluxe Slide Rule” in gold lettering. Scales: Front: A, B, C, CI, C, D, K. Back: Reciprocals, Decimal equivalents of 1 foot, values of mathematical functions with Pi, Conversion tables, weight of metals and ultimate strength (in pounds per square inch).

Accession Number: 2010.lej.19

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood

Markings: Old Inventory Number = 19.

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 26.3 cm, Width = 2.8 cm, Height = .8 cm

Function: Facilitating calculations.


Item is in good condition. The slide is missing. The cardboard case is open at both ends.

Associated Instruments:


Lawrence Engineering Service, Peru, Indiana.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1938-1947


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