Glassware from the Gage Institute

DLSPH Collection · Public Health

Accession Number: 2016.phlt.1.136.1-3


Three glass vessels.

2016.phlt.1.136.1 and 2016.phlt.1.136.2 are made of clear Pyrex. They consist of a bulbous bottom section, narrowing at the top, with a ground glass stopper. They each have a 125ml capacity.

2016.phlt.1.136.3 is made of red-tinted Pyrex. It has a tapering bottom section with a narrow neck. The bottle has a 100ml capacity.

Primary Materials: Pyrex Glass


2016.phlt.1.136.1 is marked with a “4” in blue crayon or pencil crayon.

2016.phlt.1.136.2 is marked with yellow crayon or pencil crayon. The marking is not decipherable.

2016.phlt.1.136.3 is marked with “222 TCE” in black ink. It is marked with the model number “No. 55640”.

Dimensions (cm): ***

Condition: Excellent

Manufacturer: Pyrex, USA; Kimax, USA.